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Having problems with a Prodigio rule or strategy and don't want the whole world to know what you are working on?  
For $25 we will look at your rule or strategy and determine if the logic is viable.   
Send an email describing your rule it's intent and the wiz file or a clear screen shot of the rule.
Use the PayPal button below to send your payment.
We will examine the rule and if changes are appropriate we will send you a written solution.  
If you would like custom coding see that help button in Help From A Wizard.




Email: Prodigio101@gmail.com

RoadRunner or Mobius (or both of us) will answer your question once we recieve notice of your payment.

(But remember we are normal people too, with needs to eat, sleep, and ..... have a bit of a life. But we will get to you as soon as possible)