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Chat 1/11/2013

01-11-2013 07:28:45
Good morning... Still cannot log into server
01-11-2013 08:54:32
Just sent in a email about server.
01-11-2013 09:09:37
It updates every time it is started then will not connect to server.
01-11-2013 09:14:43
I was getting that also, I downloaded again and the re-updating stopped but I am still not getting connected.
I'm also getting a strange error at the top now.
01-11-2013 09:19:02
Did you uninstall then re
01-11-2013 09:20:07
No, it looks like there is a process being held up. stopping and uninstalling now.
01-11-2013 09:21:01
We wait for Mike
01-11-2013 09:25:16
uninstaller wanted me to to do a reboot
01-11-2013 09:31:22
:( Same error
Just got off the phone with Mike, They had a build issue. They are rebuilding and should have it available by 10:00am est
I am in, and connected :)
01-11-2013 10:23:49
RR: did Prodigio update from a simple program launch, or did you have to uninstall/reload to get to work? I ask because I launched, it updated, got logon screen, but got "Couldn't login to server" message.
01-11-2013 10:25:32
This last time I tried it did auto update ok. I did have to start it again after the update to run.
01-11-2013 10:26:13
I decided to uninstall/reinstall to get a clean slate.
01-11-2013 10:26:39
01-11-2013 10:33:58
Got in
01-11-2013 10:40:33
The update kept failing. I uninstalled and reinstalled 5.0.12. Working again.
My RTS strats are still popuated but the same TO ones are not
I will have to go to WL and resave again as they are broken again this morning
A subrule is missing
01-11-2013 10:43:34
Yeah, I had to do the same. I had one sub-rule go missing from a master.
01-11-2013 10:45:26
I decided to reset my account balance. I believe I saw someone post here that action causes any running strats to clear. Wanted to make sure I am seeing results as of 1/11/13 and not some remant from the past.
01-11-2013 10:46:12
I think I will join you there.
01-11-2013 11:21:22
Did we lose the ability to add descriptions to user rules and strats?
01-11-2013 11:24:50
Yeah I saw that also, I sent in a request to make the pop-up description editable. You should second that :)
I would like to be able to edit the description where ever I can see it basically. I sometimes have thoughts about a rule or strategy even after I have saved it.
01-11-2013 11:34:29
So far, so good. The problem I was running into in V4 and carriede over to V5 is strats executing buying/selling the first day of depolyment, but not closing open issues the second and subsequent days after deployment. Won't know if that issue is fixed till next week.
01-11-2013 11:37:46
So far I have not gotten another hit in RTS since I did the reset. But I did have 6 hits today prior to that so I am fairly sure it is ok.
01-11-2013 12:03:38
For some reason, my strat in TO displays four entries for each buy/sell that meets criteria. Anyone else getting this result?
01-11-2013 12:05:00
Mine seems fine, I am getting a new set of hits every minute.
Ha, My short strat just gave me four hits ???
01-11-2013 12:10:01
I do like seeing the sell side. Was this an enhancement or something that should not be happening?
in TO
01-11-2013 12:12:51
I asked but did not get an answer back on that one. I like this behavior but I think the TO results display needs a little tweaking.
Maybe calling the Action Open and Close would be better. and color the Strat by the side it is designed for.
If I didn't have Long and Short in the name it could get real confusing.
01-11-2013 01:05:11
Is there any chance Prodigio would provide data of the purchase which could be used in exit rules? Things like purchase price, date/time of purchase,etc. I have some strats that have an average execution time for either success or failure. However, the longer an issue is open, the likelyhood if it being profitible goes down considerably. I would like to be able to query this information and take action.
01-11-2013 01:06:36
That is a long standing request. :)
I talked to Mike about it just before this update and he said it is planned to be added soon now.
But send in a request anyway ;) I'm sure it will make his day LOL
I know the problem at TOS was that they could not get the final entry data back from TOS. But I would settle for a +/- data points for now.
Day traders might not agree but for most of my trading just knowing +/- how long I've been in a trade would be good.
01-11-2013 01:50:50
I will put my wish list together and send in. Will give them a day or two so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.
01-11-2013 01:52:55
Also add your wish list items to :)
01-11-2013 02:02:07
will do
01-11-2013 03:01:43
Lots of hits on the exit side of my main strat but not long entries of it either in TO or RS today
01-11-2013 03:03:09
Same here. I was just looking for a faster strat to run in the last hour.
01-11-2013 03:03:38
I just got back and am going to try same
I just noticed that my WL tab is gone.
01-11-2013 03:06:44
Did you move it?
01-11-2013 03:06:56
01-11-2013 03:07:23
I have mine pulled to my second screen. ;)
01-11-2013 03:07:52
The tab is gone
01-11-2013 03:08:41
RR: Have you taken a peek at one of your rules or strategies using notepad? Interesting XML stuff in there.
01-11-2013 03:08:42
Look in the Window pull-down menu, next to Layout.
01-11-2013 03:09:00
01-11-2013 03:09:42
Yes, I am seeing some of the path errors that I am getting in the .wlr
01-11-2013 03:10:33
Still gone
01-11-2013 03:10:55
Also using to figure out what the rule is in the strat builder.
01-11-2013 03:12:32
Major bug
01-11-2013 03:12:44
Can't see long names in the boxes
01-11-2013 03:13:08
Yes - wish pointer hover would give full name
01-11-2013 03:13:23
Did you look in the Window pull down Cosmo
01-11-2013 03:13:30
Fonts need to auto scale and wrap
01-11-2013 03:13:54
Or the box stretch to fit.
01-11-2013 03:14:10
Not in window pull down
01-11-2013 03:14:30
I think Hover works if you don't have a description.
I think it looks for the description first, and if not found then the name.
01-11-2013 03:15:10
I know it was there this morning because I had to open strat to put sbrule back in
01-11-2013 03:15:57
Oh, I just got position, cool
01-11-2013 03:16:37
I'm going to reinstall
01-11-2013 03:17:35
yeah, something must have gotten clobbered somewhere.
01-11-2013 03:22:01
XP and WL is back now
A moving target
What is weird is it came back on-line and when I clicked on the WL tab RB was active and my last strat that I had open was there open. It normaly defaults to blank
It shows it red now too
Save turned it green
01-11-2013 03:26:26
I saw that on my last re-start too. I thought it was weird and nice at the same time. :)
There have been many a time that I was working on a strat or rule and went to bed without saving it to find it gone, so if this is how it is going to work now it could be good.
01-11-2013 03:29:05
It looks like they are saved local and uploaded to engine in TO and RTS now
01-11-2013 03:31:07
Yes, that is the idea anyway. I like having the files locally, but I hope that they get the path situation fixed soon.
I got a note back from Mike saying that they would try and have the description editor fixed next week.
01-11-2013 03:35:38
Got fill in RTS and TO fired same
It was main strat that worked:) GME and PETM
Picked up the long side in both TO and RTS
/ES is working in AT
Target worked and closed /ES trade in AT
01-11-2013 03:56:24
Interesting, now my Strat builder won't open. I can hit the Rule Builder and the Back Test pages but not the Strategy Builder.
01-11-2013 03:59:24
they all work here now
01-11-2013 04:01:31
restarted and it works again.

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