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Yes I do custom rules and strategies,  and also one on one Prodigio training.
I charge by the rule/sub-rule/criteria basis and so far they have ranged from $200-$550 per strategy.
So if you look at the examples on my Master Rule page on my website, that strategy would cost.
3 sub-rules @ $50 ea = $150.00
1 Master Rule @ $50
1 Strategy page built @ $50.00
Total = $250.00
This price would not include any custom exit rules for this example,  But does include time to help you setup and making sure it is working on Prodigio.  This can be done on Google Hangout, Skype, TeamViewer or by phone.
There are also discounts for rules that I have already built and there is no charge for using rules multiple times in a strategy setup.
I do not sell or provide a strategy, I require you to bring a Trading Plan to work from.  We will use that plan's framework to develop a Prodigio Strategy that follows YOUR Trading Plan as close as we can.
For One On One Training I charge a flat $50 per hour.
This includes using Google Hangout, TeamViewer or Skype to view each others screens so I can lead you through a session step by step.  

You can contact me on:

     Skype Name = road.runner.az
     Email = Prodigio101@gmail.com
     Phone = 602-492-3458



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