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1.2 Automated Trading (RTS Strategies)


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The Automated Trading (RTS Strategies) panel allows the user to enable and disable automated trading strategies that are created in Wizard Lab. When auto trading is enabled and a strategy has been deployed, automated trading will buy/sell stocks for you based upon the criteria of the strategy. 
There are four components that work together which make this automated system so powerful. The user needs to verify that each and every one of these components is configured to their exact specifications. These four components are: Wizard Lab, Risk Management, Automated Trading (RTS Strategies) and the Auto Trading Enable buttons. 
With Wizard Lab the user can create customized strategies by building trading ideas using our proprietary drag and drop Wiz Tools. The user does not need to know how to be a programmer or how to write code to do this. After the ideas are turned into strategies, the user can back test them against historical data and then choose to deploy these in Automated Trading (RTS Strategies), TradeOptics or both. For a more detailed explanation on how to unleash the power of Wizard Lab, please see the Wizard Lab tutorial. 
Risk Management is one of the core elements on how the automated system will perform using the selected strategies based upon the user's Risk Management Settings. With the Risk Management Settings panel, the user has the ability to control how the automated system will Buy/Sell using the selected strategies based upon Drawdown Settings, Account Allocation, Per Trade Allocation, Max Trade Allocation and Trade Filters, which are all located in the Risk Management Settings Panel. To access this panel, left click the Settings button, which remains static, at the top of the platform. Review illustration below (next page)
Watch the Risk Settings Video Tutorial: Watch Now