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1.3 TradeOptics


Watch the TradeOptics Video Tutorial: Watch Now 
TradeOptics is a real time scanner that allows the user to utilize the power of Wizard Lab to deploy customized or prebuilt strategies as a real time scanner. When the criteria of the deployed strategy have been met, TradeOptics provides the user with a trade alert. 
There are two buttons displayed on the main panel. One button titled Strategies and the other button titled Clear Signals. To select a strategy, the user must first left click on the Strategies button located in the upper left corner as show in the image below.
The Strategies button opens the TradeOptics Management window where the user selects which strategies to deploy. The Clear Signals button will clear all trade scan alerts displayed in the table below. 
The TradeOptics Management window includes four sections: Available Strategies, Selected Strategies, Description and Parameters. A detailed description of each section is described below.  (next page)