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  1. Available Strategies contains a list of prebuilt strategies and/or the user's strategies that were created in wizard lab which are available for deployment. To add a strategy to the Selected Strategies column list, simply click on a strategy in the Available Strategies section, then left click on the "Add>>" button. 
    Available Strategies contains a search field where the user can search for a strategy by typing the name of the strategy in the search field.
  2. Selected Strategies is a list of strategies that have been added from the Available Strategies using the "Add>>" button which the user wishes to deploy as well as deployed strategies. To remove a selected strategy from the Selected Strategies section, select the unwanted strategy by left clicking on it and highlighting it, then left click the <<Remove button
    In order to apply these changes for adding and removing strategies, the user must click on the OK button.  
     When a strategy is added to Selected Strategies from Available Strategies, by default the SP100 is the selected symbol list that a strategy will scan through unless otherwise specified by the user in the Parameters section.

  3. The Description section of this window contains comments of the selected (highlighted) strategy in the Available Strategies section. 
    If the user did not write a description when creating the selected strategy in Wizard Lab, then this area will remain blank. 
  4. The Parameters section gives the user the ability to choose which symbol list the selected (highlighted) strategy, within the Selected Strategy section, will scan through.