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Follow the steps below to deploy a strategy using Automated Trading (RTS Strategies).  

  1. Left click the Strategies button in the Automated Trading (RTS Strategies) panel.
  2. Choose a strategy from one of the folders in Available Strategies, and then left click on the desired strategy so that it is highlighted.
  3. Left click on the "Add>>" button to transfer the selected strategy from Available Strategies to Selected Strategies.
  4. Left Click on the strategy under Selected Strategies so that it is highlighted in yellow.
  5. Select a symbol list from the dropdown menu under Parameters which the strategy will scan through.
  6. Left click the OK button.

Now the selected strategy has been deployed and Automated Trading (RTS Strategies) will perform automated trading actions based upon the deployed strategy if and only if all of the criteria within the deployed strategy have been met. The Enable/Disable Auto Trading button remains static at the top of the platform which gives the user the ability to enable or disable the automated system on the fly with a single click of their mouse. Additionally the user has the ability to enable or disable Long positions or Short positions using the enable/disable long and enable/disable short buttons that also remain static at the top of the platform. Review illustration below