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 The Math folder contains mathematical operators.

o The Technical Analysis folder contains technical analysis studies.

o The Patterns folder contains pattern recognition tools identifying the most commonly used candlestick patterns.

o The Time folder contains time tools that allow the user to specify time/date.

o The Adapters folder contains tools that are used to extract the value output of a source study. 
Example: Use the LOW adapter to extract the LOW price of the OHLC source study as shown in the image below.
OHLC connected to a LOW adapter to produce the LOW price. By default the OHLC WizTool will produce the close price unless otherwise specified by using an Adapter.
Step 2 - Strategy Builder In Strategy Builder, the user creates a strategy by selecting a rule, and adding the desired criteria for entry and exit management. The user must specify entry and exit criteria for the automated system to abide by. There are three sections within Strategy Builder: WizTools, Workspace and Trade Orders. 
 NOTE: The user must choose a rule or rules that were created in Step 1 - Rule Builder, as the entry criteria to buy or sell a stock. The user has the option to use a rule as exit criteria if he or she chooses not to add one or more order types as the exit management criteria.