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1.1 Order Management

Watch the Order Management Video Tutorial: Watch Now 

The Order Management window gives the user the ability to BUY/SELL stocks manually in a simple format while providing order status and key position management features. This window displays information that is associated with the symbol entered in the Symbol input field. To quickly minimize and maximize this window, double click the current tab at the top of the screen.
Manual Orders 
With the Manual Orders section of the Order Management window the user can place a BUY or SELL order with the criteria specified in each input field. Below is a list of explanations of each option available.
Buy - Requests a Buy order using the information entered in each field. 
Sell - Requests a Sell order using the information entered in each field. 
Order Quantity - The order quantity of the stock the user wishes to buy or sell. 
Type - Select the type of security. 
Symbol - Specify the ticker symbol associated with the stock to buy or sell. 
Order Price - Specified by the user 
Stop Price - Specified by the user