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 Spread describes the type of trade.
o Side specifies whether to BUY or SELL.
o Time Limit if specified by the user, will time out and cancel the order.
o Price allows the user to specify a limit, stop or stop limit price by dollar or percent.
o Order describes the type of order selected: market, limit, stop or stop limit.
o Time In Force indicates the length of time an order remains active before it is filled or expires.
o Exchange is a smart router that will locate the NBBO (National Best Bid Offer).
o Position % allows the user to specify the percentage of the position to BUY/SELL.
o Cooloff Duration allows the user to specify a length of time to pause the activity of the selected order.
o The Add Order button will add an additional order type.
Step 3 - Back Test With back testing, the user can test the performance of a strategy against historical data and then analyze the results in great detail so that adjustments can be made to optimize the strategy if necessary. There are three tabs and one side bar menu. 
Results table contains 14 columns, each displaying important data on the back tested strategy. The column names and descriptions are explained in detail below.
o The Symbol column displays the symbol that triggered the trade.