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Step 1 - Rule Builder 
In Rule Builder the user creates a rule or rules that contain criteria which is used to produce a true or false signal. There are three sections within Rule Builder: Main Menu, WizTools and the Canvas.
Example : When the 5 minute close price of a stock crosses above the 14 period upper Bollinger Band - produce a true signal otherwise false. 
WizTools consist of hundreds of essential studies, parameters, and operators that give the user the ability to build trade ideas easily by dragging them onto the canvas and then connecting them together as shown in the image above. Within WizTools there are 11 folders each containing tools which provide different functionality that correspond with the name of the folder they are located in. Each folder is described below.
  • The My Wizard Lab folder contains rules and strategies created by the user. If the user creates additional folders, they will also be located in the My Wizard Lab folder.
  • The Rule Templates folder contains prebuilt rules that can be used as a starting point or as-is within a strategy. Templates can be modified to the user’s preference and also aid new users in understanding how rules are constructed.
  • The Trade Action folder contains one WizTool titled “End Signal” which defines the completion of a rule and is absolutely necessary when creating rule.
  • The Source Data folder contains tools that provide market data, which in most cases, are necessary for creating rules.
  • The Fundamental folder contains fundamental criteria that can be used to further refine a rule according to a company's financial condition.

  • The Logical Operators folder contain logical operators such as AND, OR, GREATER THAN, CROSS BELOW etc that are used to connect two or more source studies and performs the selected logic.