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1.4 Wizard Lab


Watch the Wizard Lab Video Tutorial: Watch Now 
What makes OptionsHouse Prodigio unique and truly sets this platform apart from all others, aside from many of the other great features and components, is Wizard Lab. With Wizard Lab the user can create customized strategies by using our proprietary drag and drop Wiz Tools. One doesn't need to know how to be a programmer or how to write code to do this. Once the user has turned their trade ideas into strategies, the user can then back test them against historical data and then choose to deploy their strategies one of two ways: Automated Trading (RTS Strategies) and/or TradeOptics

  1. Strategies can be deployed in Automated Trading (RTS Strategies), which is a fully automated trading system, where Automated Trading (RTS Strategies) will buy and sell for you based upon the buy and sell parameters within the selected strategy.
  2.  Strategies can be deployed in TradeOptics, which is a real time scanner that uses the parameters of the selected strategy to scan through a specified symbol list. TradeOptics will provide a trade alert if and only if all of the criteria within the deployed strategy have been met.
There are four sequential tabs within Wizard Lab, each tab representing a necessary step to create, back test, and then deploy a strategy. These tabs are titled:

o Step 1 - Rule Builder

o Step 2 - Strategy Builder

o Step 3 - Back Test

o Step 4 - Deploy Strategy
Each step is described below.  (Following pages)