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Example: If the deployed strategy has a 5 minute OHLC WizTool in the rule, then TradeOptics will scan using that selected strategy every 5 minutes. Review illustration below 

The TradeOptics Trade Scan Alerts table (illustrated below) contains seven columns each of which provide the user with important Trade Scan Alerts information. The column names and descriptions are explained in detail below.
o The Time column provides the user with the time at which the strategy triggered.

o The Strategy/Pattern column displays the name of the strategy that triggered the trade scan alert.

o The Symbol column displays the symbol that triggered the trade scan alert

o The Action column describes if the trade alert is a buy or sell signal. 
Note: The buy/sell action is based upon the Trade Order Rules criteria of the strategy within the Wizard Lab Strategy Builder pane.
o The Trigger column displays the price at which the trade scan alert triggered.

o The Description column displays a description of the strategy if the user created one when creating the strategy.

o The Trade Now column allows you to load a symbol into ChartTraderPro and Order Management with a single click of the Load button for fast order entry.