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    Position Drawdown is selected, the automated trading system will close an open position at market price if the value of the position drops by the percentage specified in the box by the user. For example, you buy 100 shares of stock at $100 per share. The total value of the trade is $10,000. If you have the position drawdown set to 2%, Prodigio will sell the stock at market if it drops below $98, or 2% of the position. Remember that as with everything in the Risk Settings panel, this only applies to automated trades and not trades entered manually.
Account Allocation is the amount of Effective Buying Power the user wishes to allow the automated trading system to use for automated trading. The amount the user selects in this box is the amount of margined capital that will be used for automated trading. It is 2:1 margined buying power and not actual dollars committed. For example, if the user sets the amount at $20,000 in this section, their automated system will be able to trade $20,000 of stock which represents $10,000 of actual capital and $10,000 of margin. The effective buying power percentage on the right is the allocated amount divided by two times the account value, showing what percentage of total buying power is being put to use by the automated system. 
Per Trade Allocation is where the user can specify how much capital is allocated per trade. These allocations are all based on the amount set in the Account Allocation section above and not on total net liquidating value or total buying power. The user has four choices here, either using 1/15 th of buying power per trade, a fixed percentage of buying power per trade, a fixed dollar amount of buying power per trade, or a fixed share size per trade. 
Max Trade Allocation is where the user defines the maximum number of trades/positions, maximum shares per position, and/or the maximum number of trades allowed per symbol. 
Trade Filter gives the user the ability to filter trades by price and daily volume. Automated strategies will only trade stocks whose price and average daily volume fall between the parameters set by the user.  
In the Automated Trading (RTS Strategies) panel, the user chooses which strategies to deploy or un-deploy as well as defining an expiration date at which the automated system will discontinue automated trading actions and which symbol list each strategy shall scan through.