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Help with posting

I dont know if this is a spot ot post but I am new to the site and I ont use facebook or twitter.  Anyway, I was hpoing that someone could tell me if there is a way a way to build a condition counter.  I wanted for run a for loop to allow conditions to be counted if there were true.  is there a way to do that? 


Good Morning and Welcome to the new Forums

We have been busy this past week, first bringing up the Advanced Manual as a Subscriptions service and adding lot s of other goodies to the subscriptions level.  And now we are starting a new Forum platform.  It is actually the bloging wizard in this web services tool kit repurposed into what I think will be a better format for us.  It will alow us to insert images and files into our posts.  Since Prodigio is much easier to discribe visually this should help alot.


Good Trading Everyone


Bruce (RR)