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Settings Tab:

Settings Tab:

There are two places in Prodigio where you can apply risk settings.  The "Settings" tab at the top of the screen, and in back testing, under "Simulated Portfolio Settings"
The "Settings" tab at the top of the screen will control your live or paper trading by account.  You need to set your risk settings separately for each account that you are trading.
Each setting is defined below:




Drawdown Settings

Account Soft Drawdown

When the soft drawdown is reached, the system will stop entering new auto positions. The user will be able to see "Soft Drawdown is locked" in Account Information.  Existing positions will continue to work unless exited by the strategy, the "Account Hard Drawdown", or the "Position Drawdown".

Account Hard Drawdown

When the hard drawdown is reached, the system will stop trading, close all auto positions, and mark "Hard Drawdown is locked" in Account Information. If your account stops trading it might be because the hard drawdown has been triggered.

Position Drawdown

Acts as another "Stop" for all positions entered by the Prodigio RTS system.  This may be a reason that RTS exited a certain position when the stop assigned by the strategy was bigger.

Account Allocation

Effective Buying Power

Determines the percentage of your total account buying power will be allocated to RTS trading, or buying power deployed.

Per Trade Allocation (Choose 1 of the first 4)

RTS 15 (1/15th of buying power deployed)

Will allocate 1/15 th of the deployed buying power to each trade taken by RTS. If total buying power deployed is $100,000 then each trade will be $6,666.66

Fixed percent of 
Buying power Deployed

Will allocate a fixed percentage of the total buying power deployed.  If total buying power deployed is $100,000, then 20% would equal $20,000 allocated to each trade.

Fixed Dollar Amount

Will allocate a fixed dollar amount to each trade, up to the total amount of buying power deployed.

Fixed Share Size

Will buy a set number of shares for each trade.

Share Rounding Precision

Will set the number of shares bought per trade to round to the nearest 100, 10, or 1 share(s).  This will affect how close to the total amount per trade will get to the maximum amount allocated to each trade.

Max Trade Allocation

Max Number of Trades/Positions

Will set the maximum number of positions that RTS will hold at any one time.  If one position is liquidated, it will be replaced by the next trade signaled by RTS.

Max Shares per Trade

Will set the maximum number of shares per trade.

Max Trades per Symbol

Will set the maximum number of trades per any one symbol per trading day. Add to position trades will not count toward this number.

Trade Filter

Min and Max Trade Price

Will set the minimum and maximum price of stocks included in trading.

Min and Max Trade Daily Volume

Will set the minimum and maximum volume of stocks included in trading.  This is not daily volume.  It is the current trading day volume, accumulated from the open up till now.


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