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Range of Lows or highs?

Hi Great site. Hopefully we can pull knowledge from the internet together.
Was wondering if this can be done.
How to scan for stocks that make a new low from a range? For example, looking for stocks that make a 3 day or 5 or 10 day low? Not necessarily 3 down days in a row, but scan for stocks that reached a new 3 day low. I tried the Lowest Low function, but I think it only looks for 3 lower lows as a trend, not necessarily if a stock triggers a low of the last 3 days.

After that happens, how can I put an instruction that once the 3 day low is identified, buy the next bar that is higher than the previous high. I tried sequence, or possibly flag, but either I didn't do it right or it doens't work correctly.

So to simplify, scan for a stock making a 3 day low, once that happens, buy the next bar that closes above the previous bar's high.

Thanks in advance.

January 21, 2012 | Whirl

VSA volume spread analysis

Hi guys , mobius said sometime back to post scripts here and see if they could be programed into prodigio, the programming of the whole script would be pointless , but the 2 strong signals are the climax buy and sell signal, any ideas on programming these signals , much appreciated 


January 11, 2012 | Bulld   /re-posted from old forums

Back Testing Questions


icon no longer on screen

The prodigio icon has disapeared since yesterday,it is no longer on the upper right hand corner of my paper trading account

December 21, 2011 | parabolexx   /re-posted from old forums

Ballinger bandwidth

I tried their bandwidth indicator could not get it to work so I built my own. Not sure how to get the program into your forum


December 14, 2011 | Ant   /re-posted from old forums