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Today after indicator
Created a formula using today after indicator. Wanted to sell

starting at 1430am.

Ran the back testing engine on NASDAQ. Every thing look fine as far as the today after indicator was concern. I could look on my scanning screen and see where the today after would sell. Exactly at 1430 AM .

That was yesterday. Today I use the same scanning formula and the same sell conditions with the today after indicator.

Did not pick up one thing. This was the same formula same NASDAQ and the same today after indicator.

Why is this. I bet if I deleted this formula and start all over again on a new screen it would work. I did this and not to my surprise it did work fine.

Why the inconsistency? are the files being corrupted some way?

Anyone have an answer.


February 2, 2012 | Ant    /re-posted from old forums

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