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New fangled things like automobiles

I wrote this in the ProdigioRTS forums this mornng but decided to copy it into my blog also, for all of those negative nannies out there.

I've heard of those automobile things, you'd never catch me in one. Those tires go flat, they run out of gas, a person could even get killed in one.
Course in town they have those new moving picture thingers. I wouldn't mind seeing one of those. Hmmm Maybe if I took a spare tire, made sure the tank was full and wore that damn seat belt thingy. It would sure be faster then walking.

Prodigio is like any other tool we use. It has its strengths and weaknesses and yes maybe a bug or two. But if you learn how to use the strengths to your advantage and work around the weaknesses and report the bugs you can make coin with it. Below is a current snapshot of my account this morning.

I have a smallish account but it is up 16% for the year already.

My theory is, if I learn it early and grow with it I will be stronger as it gets stronger. As long as I don't let myself get stuck where I'm at now (Note to self: Make sure there is a Jack in the trunk)

Prodigio Trading Platform [build 4.0.png

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Could you please time stamp your entries? Thanks!

March 31, 2012 | Registered CommenterGeorgieMah
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