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Give away Amazons Cash! (and they won't mind)

When you first start a website or blog and try to find a way to generate some income, one of the easiest advertizing affiliates to get started with is Amazon.  In theory you should be able to make some income with them.  But in practice I find that there is a bit of a disconnect (described later), that keeps sites from realizing much if any income.  In fact I bet a lot of sites more or less give up on getting a revenue stream from Amazon.  I did until a family member that wasn't really interested in my site asked if she could bookmark my Amazon link and use it to make her normal purchases with.  Thank You Mam, you know who you are.

Amazon is willing to give up to 8% of a purchase to website associates that refer customers to them.  But if the customers just go straight to Amazon, Amazon just pockets that 8% as extra profit.

You as a customer can spend that 8% into your community and really make a difference to the websites that you use frequently by using their links to make your Amazon purchases, even for purchases that the site doesn't specifically link to.  You can go to Amazon from any Associates link and then search and shop as you normally would.  The website as an Associate will get the referral fee for any purchase you make.

The problem is that when most people are browsing their favorite websites and blogs they are not necessarily looking to buy anything, and they don't think to go back to one of their favorite websites that has a Amazon link when they are looking to buy something (me included).  So there is really a big disconnect in this process.  

Here is a way to make a real difference in your personal Internet community.  

Make a folder in your bookmarks called Amazon.  Then whenever you see a Amazon ad on a website or blog that you use and would like to support, copy a link from an ad on one of their pages into your Amazon bookmark folder.  Rename the link so you know who you are helping.  Then when you do want to shop at Amazon you can just pick one of the links you have already stored and have Amazon send some support to your favorite sites.  Even give to your favorite charities if they are Amazon Associates.  It doesn't cost you anything extra, you are just helping Amazon spread their money around and helping your favorite websites and blogs keep running.


Here is my link if you want to get started ;)

Amazon from ProdigioUS

But seriously even if you don't want to add mine to your list.  Pass this hint on, it is a great way to help your personal internet community.  

Are there any Charities, website owners or bloggers out there that know they have members that would love to do this for them, add your link info in the comments below and share it out with your circles, share it to your Facebook friends, re-tweet it to your followers, and email it to your family members. :)  


I was asked, by my mom no less, to give more detailed instructions on how to make the folder.  She is on Internet Explorer so that is what I used to make the instructions.  
 (I got a request to do the instructions for Chrome too) 

Step by Step instructions:

Make Your Amazon Folder in Internet Explorer:

Make Your Amazon Folder in the Chrome Browser:





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