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Using the Disqus commenting system.

SquareSpace does have its own commenting system but it was not doing the job for us, the biggest drawback was that we could not paste images into it.  Since posting charts, rules and such are part of our every day discussions we went looking for a solution.  
After a bit of research we came across Disqus and with their extremely extensive list of Web Sites that they provide service for (Here is a sampling of that list), Chalk full of big names across all industries,  We decided that they would be a good solution.
Some of the advantages of using Disqus:
  1. Allows for great discussions to take place on our site.
  2. Share ideas and and get feed back.
  3. Add images and multi-media to your comments.
  4. As Disqus learns about our sites interests it promotes us to other sites of similar interests
  5. Same as #4 in reverse, We will see comments from other sites that may be of interest.
  6. We can rank comments and replies so that the good stuff floats to the top.
  7. We can also rank articles so that people will know what has helped others.  And the Authors will know if their writing is on track and is helping the community. 
  8. A search-able history. This is also a big bonus for our community.
  9. Notifications, you can get a Disqus ap for your Adriod or I-phone and get notifications on discussions.
  10. And the price is right, it's free!
So at the bottom of any Article that has comments activated, you will see the Disqus commenting system.
To leave a comment just click into the "Leave a Message" box. 
When you click into the message box for the first time you will be asked to sign in and idientify your self with the Disqus platform.
This is the one thing that they charge to get rid of.  But they also make it fairly easy to sign in! You can use any of the common social networking web sites like Twitter, FaceBook or G+.  Or you can just enter a name and valid email address.  If you want to get notifications when someone replies to a topic you can Register your profile with Disqus and set that up also.  I generally use my Twitter profile to sign in with as it is my most public social profile and is just one click to start commenting.  Once I have clicked in through Twitter I generally don't have to do it again for a couple of weeks.
Disqus does not violate our privacy or trust, they do not sell or use your information in any way that violates your privacy.  The reason they require us to sign in is so we have tools available to moderate the conversations.  In fact the only time we hear from them is when they have done an update to the system to let us know what is new. 
Some of the other nice features are 
Also On ProdigioUS:  
lets you see what else is happening on our site.
Recommended For You: 
This is where we will see post from other sites that might be of interest.  Some of this is promotional but the whole list is suppose to get smarter about what we are into on this site as it builds keywords from our comments.

A couple of other things you can do to effect what shows up in these lists is to increase the articles rating by pressing the Star.  And in the comment area you can increase or decrease a comments importance to you with the little up or down arrows.
Since Prodigio is such a graphical users environment it was essential that we could exchange images and rules easily.  You can press the little graphic icon in the lower left or drag and drop a image file onto the edit box.  Of all the commenting systems we looked at this was by far the easiest user experience we saw for exchanging images. 
You can share comments out to your social networks.  You can use the @username to notify someone of a comment.  You can follow other users and get notified when they leave a comment on the system, even if it is on another site that uses Disqus.  There are a lot more features also, some we have not even discovered yet.  :-)
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