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Using GreenShot and Imgur.com to post images into the chat area. 

 To post an image into the chat room it needs to be hosted somewhere on the  web.
Any URL that you paste into the chat that ends in a image file like JPG, PNG, GIF will render the image into the chat.  Pasting "http://rr-corner.squarespace.com/storage/post-images/Heiken%20Ashi%20eg.png" gets this image from this web site.
To do this some people are using Jing or other software to clip their screenshots and post them to a web host then get the image link and paste it into the chat window.  I was also using Jing to post into the chat window but I always thought that Jing got to much in the way of other things. For most of my image clippings I use GreenShot, a clipping program that I like much better, for most everything else that I needed to grab an image for. It was already a good screenclipping tool with a simple image editor but with a new update for GreenShot it added a new feature to pass the image to other programs and to a internet hosting site called Imgur. When you send an image to Imgur it also puts the URL in the clipboard so you can just paste it into the chat room. So once you have it set up this is about as easy as it gets.  And Imgur is a free image hosting site so that makes this whole solution free.
The way I have it setup is I press the PrtSc button on my keyboard to start and then draw rectangle around an area I want for an image.
 One nice thing is that GreenShot tells you the size of the image as you select it.  Some chats are picky about size.
Pick one corner and drag the crosshairs to the other corner to create a rectangle around the image area you want to capture.  
Under Preferences you can set the destination for the image.  If you have the destination set to "Select destination Dymanically", the default, then when you release the mouse button you will get a menu box with many options for what you may want to do next.  Or you can set the destination to go straight to Imgur and the image will be sent to Imgur and you can then just paste it into the chat room.
If all you want to do is paste images into this chat room you can set the destination to the "Upload to Imgur" option or  set it to "Open in image editor" and you can add text or draw arrows, circles, rectangles to say more with your picture.  Once you have the image ready you just hit the Imgur icon at the top of the editor window and you are ready to paste the link again into the chat room.
You might have to set it up the first time but once setup it is seamless.  
I have not tried all of the options yet but I know that Box, Dropbox and Picasa don't work as well as they don't store the file with a normal link extension so they will not render in the chat room.
If you have any questions or comments or suggestions for other screen clippers please use the comment section below.
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