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Free note keeping App!

I have long been on the lookout for a great note keeping system.  I am constantly coming upon forum and blog posts and reading reviews of new applications to take notes with.  All of them seem to have their advantages and disadvantages; some try to be  pretty and some add cloud features so you can get to your notes from multiple devices.  Up until now, Evernote has been my system of choice but, even it has a disadvantage in that you have to have Evernote open or be signed into it on the web to start taking notes.  In fact a lot of the apps I have looked at were written to be frontends to Evernote on your phone or tablet.  But these are just another app that I have to open to use.


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been doing a lot of research and playing with GooglePlus,

You know that
 button you see at the top or bottom of web articles.  Hitting that button lets you share the article publicly or just with people you have in your GooglePlus Circles.  It also pops open a window so you can send  a message (or note) along with a link to the article.  You can send that note to any of the circles you have set up.  Even a circle that has only you in it, I called mine “Only Me”.  This will have the effect of sending your note to GooglePlus but setting it up to be private for your eyes only!  

So when I am doing research on the web, looking at articles about my stock positions or other articles of interest, all I need to do is hit the G+ button and share the message with myself.  Since I also read G+ on my phone it is almost always open in the background anyway.  So I can use G+ to take notes anywhere I have my phone with me.

The more I look at G+, the more I realize that Google did an amazing job by making their whole social web program as much a part of the internet as Google is a part of the internet itself.


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