Too many signals in TradeOptics?
Monday, September 30, 2013 at 9:39AM
Prodigio101 in Intermediate , Tip

One of the new improvements that we got with the version 5 update in TradeOptics is that now we see both Entry and Exit triggers in the results.  This was something that a lot of people asked for but is one of those be careful what you wish for items.  Now sometimes there are so many exit triggers that it becomes the proverbial can’t see the tree for the forest problem.   I think that it is a good thing that we can now see both our entry and exit triggers in TradeOptics but at some point I hope that they will also give us a way to filter what we see.  Maybe a simple toggle button to switch between Entry, Exit, or Both.  Or maybe a way to pick just one strategy to look at even if we are running several.

Until then there is a way to manually create your filter.  All you have to do is to make a second strategy, just for TradeOptics, that only has your Entry rules or just your Exit rules if that is what you want to see.  I Created a separate folder for my TradeOptics Entry strategies so that I don’t accidently launch them in Auto Trading.    

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