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New WishList page :)

Prodigio WishList!

Between our chats and the forums at ProdigioRTS one thing that people have asked for that we could add to the site is a Feature Wish List for Prodigio.  

Note that this an unofficial list and is not something that M-Power is doing or asking us for.  But we will from time to time remind them of the results we are getting.  

You should still send in all requests to

To see and use the WishList you must be at least a Free Member, and logged into this site.

To leave a request or comment on a request you will need to put in a User Name and email address or sign into Disqus.  This will help keep the voting fair.  (and is the minimum settings we can use in the Disqus commenting system)

Feel free to add your own requests and also use the built in rating system to vote up or down the ones you like or don't like.  You can also reply and add more comments to help sway the votes.