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List of current problems and possible work arounds

From Chat room Friday 2/17/2012


10:48 Mobius©: strats with too many single ohlc are broken error message says to please reduce
Single OHLC limit is 10. This is to prevent abuse. We will look into how we can increase this in future.

10:49 Mobius©: rule closes don't work
10:49 Mobius©: data base seems limited to less than 6 months back
10:49 RoadRunner: It seems, maybe that there are still some backend stuff that needs to come up.
10:49 Mobius©: yeppers
The 6 month limit is now 1 year

10:49 Bulld: charts are showing since jan only
10:50 Mobius©: we're early i think
Charts are fixed with Daily showing 2 years now and intraday 15 goes back 1 month

10:53 Mobius©: i was hoping the dynamic pages were strategy driven but it appears not
10:54 Ender: Ah TY roadrunner.
10:54 RoadRunner: I was hoping for that also.  Should be able to filter by T/F
10:55 Mobius©: the only big disappointment is no ENTRY node 
10:55 Mobius©: no way to capture a value
10:55 RoadRunner: That was what I was going to look for first :(
10:55 Lookn4$: So we still can't tell whether our position has made money, right?
10:55 Mobius©: i'm really bunned about that
10:55 Mobius©: bummed too

10:56 Cosmo: I would like a way of filtering "historically" for stocks that have characteristics in each month.  That may come later.
We don’t have historical for Fundamentals yet. –next release

10:56 Mobius©: if we could just make the captue node static or maybe have a choice of static or dynamic
10:57 Lookn4$: No earning dates filter either
10:57 Cosmo: We need to be able to reference our entry price and time for best trade management.
10:57 Mobius©: yes  cosmo a lookback definition would allow us to build mutating algorithms
10:58 Mobius©: doesn't appear to be any changes in money management at all so trade allocation is out
10:59 Bulld: anyway in TV to select personal watch lists
10:59 Bulld: ?
10:59 Cosmo: Only to narrow down to make new ones, Build
11:00 RoadRunner: Doesn't look like there is Ex-Div date.
11:00 Lookn4$: It seems that would have been an obvious feature, I agree.
We will try and get ex-div date in on backend if possible

11:07 Cosmo: fibs in "Price Events"
11:08 Cosmo: I would want fibs that can be references to previous time-frame bars...I'm not sure how it works right now.
11:10 Cosmo: Dona't know what they use as the reference for "Pullbacks & Bounces".
11:10 Cosmo: don't
11:10 Bulld: high low of days range , i think
11:11 Cosmo: For fib i would at least want the previous day and maybe the previous week and month.
11:12 Cosmo: As variable reference to select.
11:12 Cosmo: It would be best to make it bar-selectable,
11:13 RoadRunner: Hey speaking of bars, the progress bar in backtesting works. Now if the backtest would work too.
Scans are mostly real time unless stated as 5, 15, or daily
Fib pullbacks are real time

12:33 Mobius©: Management Close Position isn't working
12:34 Mobius©: with rules that is
12:34 Mobius©: it works with an order though
12:36 RoadRunner: So far I have only seen backtest results for 2/17/2012.
12:59 Miss B: Same here.
13:08 wdew96: anyone know the timeframe on the scanner price event tab
13:08 wdew96: i.e. fib pullbacks
13:09 wdew96: is that daily or intraday timeframe
13:09 wdew96: because it doesn't appear to match results
13:14 Bulld: i am wondering the same wdew
13:18 wdew96: fundamentals grades don't work properly either, if multiple grades are selected in the same row no results show up
13:22 Lookn4$: A lot of things are not working. In TV, if you select only "52 Wk high Today", it returns a bunch of stocks which don't match the criteria; i.e. XLE, JTD, etc.
13:23 wdew96: I don't understand the upper technicals like the moving averages, 5-min SMA(50) Above SMA(50)/Below SMA(50). This makes no sense unless they mean above below daily sma(50) ?
13:24 wdew96: or do they mean 5 min price above/below sma(50) ?
13:24 RoadRunner: I believe that it is price above/below.
13:24 wdew96: think they need to rename the labels then
13:26 Lookn4$: Default is probably daily if not otherwise stated
13:26 wdew96: meant should say '5-min Price' rather than '5-min SMA(20)'
13:28 RoadRunner: I do like the Export to list function.  That looks like it will be functional.
13:28 wdew96: yea, that's nice
We have more historical data to push up by tomorrow. We need some patches on “back testing data” that is an important point that it is back testing data.

13:29 Bulld: is the restart every morning fixed , i guess we see tomorrow
13:29 RoadRunner: Now they just need to save the criteria so that it is a dynamic list.
13:29 Lookn4$: An Import from List would have been good too
13:29 wdew96: RR, good point. I didn't notice that the scans can't be saved
13:31 RoadRunner: Bulld, I don't think that is something that will be changing.  I think that that is a restart of routers and such on their end.
13:34 wdew96: Wonder when range bars will get added
13:40 wdew96: Will be easier to find financially healthy companies, and companies in persistent trends. Decent start in replacing something like IBD
14:07 RoadRunner: Hmmm, I am wondering if it would be better to send the Load button to Active trader instead of ChartTrader?
14:12 wdew96: makes sense
14:16 RoadRunner: ah, got one of my requests anyway.
New Source Node for Today OHLC.  Looks at only current days info.
14:51 RoadRunner: Ok, here is the list I found sofar in wizlab.

List of New Nodes (not in Fundamentals or Patterns)
Today OHLC
Alternate Three-Ten
Demand Index
Demarker Indicator
You missed Parabolic SAR as new node.

15:13 Miss B: Today OHLC YEA YEA YEA!!!!!!!
16:12 Lookn4$: RR - I'm baffled by Prodigio not having a node that keeps track of the entry point. It obviously already has this information since the close management order can use "target" as an exit point. I'm sure you guys requested this, didn't you?
16:14 RoadRunner: many times, every chance I get ;)
16:15 Lookn4$: I figured
16:15 Cosmo: I begining to wonder if it is an orgainic problem in connecting to TOS order management that makes this difficult.  We all want it so we can also determine when to shed a trade that is non-productive.  It comes down to price action and time.
18:52 Cosmo: You can't input your own symbols into the BT engine right now.
18:53 Cosmo:  
18:53 Cosmo: Only working from lists.
18:53 RoadRunner: I saw that, try making them all caps
18:54 Cosmo: Thanks
19:32 Hydroman: BT not working at all fore in v4.0, returns 0 results
19:35 Cosmo: BT working but not going back far...I'm done for tonight.
19:39 Lookn4$: No, BT are totally WRONG!
19:39 Hydroman: Yup, if I try very recent time frame, it works. Feb '11 to Aug '11 - NADA
19:40 Hydroman: When I say works, I only mean I get some results - no idea if results are accurate
19:40 Lookn4$: Check your results, you're going to be scared :)



Reader Comments (3)

Back testing engine still not working, same as before the new upgrade.

Designed a very simple formula as follows.

The olch high is greater than the upper
(BB) also the bandwidth is greater than or equal to .02 and bandwidth is less than or equal to .1.

Out of 25 stocks that I ran this morning on paper money using the back testing screen and charts trader Pro.

There was 10 incorrect readings within those 25 symbols.

I would receive a buy signal even when the high was not greater than the upper Bollinger . Also, I would receive a buy when the Bollingerbandwith signal was too high .say it was .12, the formula was set up so it should not go any higher .10.

RR -- I have no idea if you have seen these problems or not, surely you have and it also appears to me that they are not going to listen to what I say. If you have any input with these people please get this problem corrected.

Prodigio seems not to have any ears when it comes to my complaint


February 20, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterchuck

Seems to be running again, but the resultsduring backtest are not the same. Lower highs(profits) and higher lows(profits), not sure what this means

February 20, 2012 | Registered CommenterTennek

charles garner - Wed, 02/22/2012 6:28pm


Consolidation breakout as per Brian Wagner
Ran formula consolidation breakout long.

The results came back with 20 symbols. Out of the 20 symbols 16 were wrong according to Wagner's formula.

Formula says the high crosses above the upper Bollinger band in order to receive a signal. There are more data in this formula but this is the piece of data I am concerned about.

I was getting signals when the high was below the upper Bollinger band and the next day , you would get a buy signal according to the white arrow.

I did not build this formula but I wanted to check it against what I think is a problem we have in the back testing engine and chart traitor Pro.

I have been over this with Brian before, and still no fix. This has been going on a long time before update (4).

Ran with a daily chart

Going to send the screenshots I tested, also will send Wagner's formula.

If you cannot read this formula go to the forum and it will be their under consolidation breakout strategy.

I would like to be wrong but it still appears that there is a problem.

Attachment Size
Attachment Size
Cons. Breakout Long.JPG 141.94 KB
Cons. Breakout Long.JPG 212.77 KB

February 22, 2012 | Registered CommenterAnt

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