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Mike gave us some insight into Prodigio 2/21/2012

14:24 Boss: I notice Forex pairs are now available in quote lists. Has there been any word on whether we can trade Forex yet?
14:24 RoadRunner: I don't know.
14:26 Boss: Maybe they are doing one thing at a time
15:07 Mike@ProdigioRTS: no forex trading. We pulled back from providing it in TradeVision and Wizard Lab just prior to release do to a data issue. We are hoping to provide it on an upcoming patch or release
15:09 Lookn4$: Mike, what's the progress on the investigation of my strat?
15:16 Mike@ProdigioRTS: Lookn4$, This being our first day up live on the new release, it has been busy. Your strategy review got bumped back a few times today. However, I assure you that we will give a detailed answer. I was given this so far but it is incomplete our definition for cross:

Compares two input studies
produces a "true" signal

input A
crosses above or below
input B

(input A
must cross
above or below
input B).

Perhaps we need to add a message that says “this will only trigger at the cross, and not at any other time”.

15:17 Mike@ProdigioRTS: Let us review it complete testing on it for you. I know we will get it done tonight and I will make sure one of us sends an email.
15:23 Lookn4$: Mike, remember that I am now foregoing the cross node for the moment to isolate the underlying proble, So right now I am using LT or GT and the results are still not good
15:25 Lookn4$: OK, I'll let you guys work on it but I'm not letting this go :)
15:27 Mike@ProdigioRTS: another item that we found is others are calling a "cross" something that is near or close to touching a cross. This is a false statement. Here is a statement from a known competitor "If the alert server reports a crossing, it is safe to say that the two SMAs are touching or at least very close"
15:27 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I won't tell you which company that is :)
15:27 Lookn4$: BTW, I've also implemented some filtering suggested by Mobius and the results are 50-50 for the daily TF
15:28 Lookn4$: Another piece of info, I've implemented this same strategy in thinkscript and the behavior is much better
15:29 Mike@ProdigioRTS: Let's have them step through the code line by line in our system and we will know without question if there is a bug or the strategy needs to be adjusted
15:29 Lookn4$: OK Mike thank you for your help
15:29 Mike@ProdigioRTS: can you send the thinkscript over?
15:30 Mike@ProdigioRTS: this would settle everything for me :)
15:30 Lookn4$: Sure, but let me clean it up some
15:30 Mike@ProdigioRTS: thank you!
15:30 Hydroman: Mike, have you got any sleep?
15:30 Lookn4$: lol
15:30 Mike@ProdigioRTS: next week
15:31 Hydroman: God bless
15:31 Mike@ProdigioRTS: Let's get everything working 100% for you!
15:31 Lookn4$: That's what we're hoping for :)
15:32 Mike@ProdigioRTS: tell us where the problems are so we can fix them. Next week we can help more with strategies not making money
15:32 Mike@ProdigioRTS: :)
15:32 Lookn4$: Will you reimburse our losses?
15:33 Mike@ProdigioRTS: but what if I hold your losing trade for one day and turn it into a big win? Do I need to give the profits back?
15:33 Lookn4$: lol
15:34 Mike@ProdigioRTS: We are showing everything as stable at this point. No bugs on the server side.
15:35 Mike@ProdigioRTS: Client bugs to report position button on Active Trader panel is not working. Also, on TTS orders on Active trader the trailstop does not go out as one order with targets and stops.
15:36 Mike@ProdigioRTS: There is bug in charts the show indictors wrong. This is why we are building our own charting package
15:37 Mike@ProdigioRTS: use tos charts to compare values. Our study engine is solid!
15:38 Lookn4$: Can't you use what's already been done in TOS? It would be nice if things were seamless across products
15:39 Mike@ProdigioRTS: please send this suggestion to tos. we would love to have it this way too /
15:39 Lookn4$: Are you guys from TDA originally?
15:41 Mike@ProdigioRTS: no, we build server side content for tos
15:41 Lookn4$: So why are the GUI different from TOS platform?
15:41 Mike@ProdigioRTS: things like TradeVision and wizard lab are what we do best. high frequency calculation on large data sets
15:42 Lookn4$: But who's doing the GUI?
15:42 Mike@ProdigioRTS: we built the gui
15:43 Mike@ProdigioRTS: you should see the new futures dome we are building. light years ahead of the rest
15:43 Lookn4$: I don't know about others here but I would expect things to look and fwwl like TOS GUI especially if the idea is to integrate them
15:44 Lookn4$: *feel
15:44 Mike@ProdigioRTS: we agree
15:45 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I have a presentation to run to. I will check back later. we will get an email off to you tonight thanks
15:45 Lookn4$: Thank you Mike!


Reader Comments (1)

Mike, back testing engine and chart traitor Pro picking signals at the wrong time.

Formula ; today's OHLC high crosses above the upper Bollinger band.
This is when the back testing engine and chart traitor Pro sees the formula.

What is happening the back testing engine and chart traitor Pro will see this formula even when the OHLC High does not cross the upper Bollinger band.

Example; 16th of this month the back testing engine picked up my formula. On that day OHLC was not above the upper bollinger band . The next day which was the 17th I received a buy signal.

This happens a great many times throughout back testing procedures.
Ido not know how to get a screenshot into this website.

No one seems to be able to help me. Sure hope you can.

RR-- will you see that Mike gets the above information?

Thanks Chuck

February 23, 2012 | Registered CommenterAnt

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