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Another chat with Mike.

17:16 spd: Is there a way to increase the font size in Prodigio?I increased the TOS fonts so I can view them easily but, that does not carry through to Prodigio when it is opened. Thanx
17:21 Lookn4$: spd - others have asked that question and I believe it's not possible but not 100% sure though
17:22 spd: thanx,
17:43 Mobius©: for font size I like magnifying glasses works on all screens and all time of the day too
17:45 spd: >> thanx, got other platforms same "JAVA"
17:47 Mobius©: kids do the programming and don't think about old eyes
17:47 spd: Yep Old eyes here too
17:47 spd: can't use a cell
17:49 Mike@ProdigioRTS: Modius, how is back testing working now?
17:50 Mike@ProdigioRTS: We had some issue from last nigth that we fixed and I don't see any problems. I want to confirm with you and others
17:50 Mobius©: Mike It is faster and no issues I've seen
17:51 spd: another TOS  build this weekend 1812.8 mod A coming?
17:51 Mobius©: RR and I put a fairly small list of problem nodes
17:52 Mike@ProdigioRTS: just so you are aware and can share with RR we fixed a few bugs in backtesting on friday. nesting not working correctly and a couple others. Everything is looking good to us at this time
17:52 Lookn4$: Mike - Was there change in the data set from this morning? If not, then I can't explain why thr same strat yields different results just within hours of testing
17:52 Mobius©: together the only one of real note seems to be working agian that was the cross nodes
17:53 Lookn4$: I posted the results above
17:53 Mike@ProdigioRTS: there was a change to the cross functions. did you have something related to cross in your strategy?
17:53 Lookn4$: yes
17:53 Mike@ProdigioRTS: that is now fixed
17:53 Lookn4$: OK, great. THanks Mike
17:53 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I know your results would be wrong from last night until we did the fix this afternoon late
17:53 Mobius©: that was the biggist second was the PSAR
17:54 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I have a fix coming for PSAR and STARC bands
17:55 Mobius©: great  that's about it
17:55 Mike@ProdigioRTS: don't use them until tuesday
17:55 Mobius©: of course we always want more :)
17:56 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I can't wait until we get the next client patch out so we can get some real work done for you! big surprise on the horizon...
17:56 Mobius©: we also got clarification on what TDA wants to turn the platform on live which was a big step forward
17:57 Mike@ProdigioRTS: we saw something coming through for CA accounts.
17:58 Mobius©: we have multiple clients getting an education now  all that is holding a number back is the ability to hedge through the platform with futs and options   that will open the flood gates
18:00 Mike@ProdigioRTS: futures are very close. I wish we could release them sooner but we need to remodel are risk management system to link the study engine to order routing. This opens the gate for strategy based position management rules that you been waiting on
18:00 Lookn4$: Will the next patch include a new charting package or will we have to wait for a major release for that?
18:01 Mobius©: exciting for sure Mike
18:01 RoadRunner: Hey, I'm back :)
18:01 Mobius©: hey RR
18:01 Mike@ProdigioRTS: hello roadrunner
18:02 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I wish we would have the charting done. going to try and correct some of the setting with this one if we can. no promises
18:03 Lookn4$: OK thanks
18:03 Cosmo: Is there a limit to the # of sequence blocks you can use?
18:05 Mike@ProdigioRTS: we are working on 3 major parts. new client framework which includes complete setting management, linking, and cloning. Charting, the best on the street with every feature from the study engine. and new OMS / RMS that will support all asset classes
18:05 Lookn4$: Mike - Do you know where I could find free reliable historical intraday market internals data going back to 2008 at least?
18:06 Mike@ProdigioRTS: Cosmo, I don't think there is but if you think you hit a road block please send over the strategy and we can debug it
18:06 Mike@ProdigioRTS: what time interval?
18:07 Lookn4$: 15m would be great
18:07 Cosmo: I have just been linking some patterns together on various interval times.  I don't get results after 3 sequences in a row.
18:08 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I can have the team debug on Monday. Let me write it down
18:09 Cosmo: Try doing some very simple patterns in a chain and see where it breaks.
18:09 Mobius©: it gets really easy to get an exclusion after a couple sequences - one turning and the sequence is false
18:10 RoadRunner: Cosmo, You might try Flags instead.
18:10 Cosmo: I have not tried flags with the chart patterns only xovers and such
18:11 Mike@ProdigioRTS: roadrunner can you test some of your strategies and let me know if everything appears to be working for you?
18:11 RoadRunner: Flags are like windows, they are open until you close them.
18:12 RoadRunner: Ok
18:12 Cosmo: I'll go back to them RR
18:12 Cosmo: I usually only use 1 sequence.
18:12 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I will still find out the answer to the question for sequences.
18:13 Cosmo: It seems to be working again now as far as I can tell, Mike for my regulars.
18:14 Cosmo: Why did some work and others did not?
18:14 Mike@ProdigioRTS: Good to hear Cosmo, My wife is yelling at me to spend some family time. Roadrunner if you see or hear of any issue please use my cell number
18:15 Mike@ProdigioRTS: it was based on where we place the logic of cross in the code
18:15 Mike@ProdigioRTS: cross function java code needed to be moved up one level
18:16 Cosmo: Not a Java junkie other then coffee so that one is beyond my pay grade.
18:17 Mike@ProdigioRTS: we love java and coffee at the office!
18:18 Cosmo: My son in law does .net...apick your poison
18:18 RoadRunner: Well I'm getting results now.  where I wasn't this morning.  I will check results closer as I go.
18:19 Mike@ProdigioRTS: If anyone notices a bug or issue please report them to
18:19 Mike@ProdigioRTS: thanks
18:19 Lookn4$: Thank you Mike
18:20 Mike@ProdigioRTS: I am stepping away for the evening. Everyone have a good night!
18:20 spd: ditto Thanx
18:20 Cosmo: Thanks Mike
18:20 RoadRunner: Thanks Mike


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