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« Another chat with Mike. | Mike gave us some insight into Prodigio 2/21/2012 »

Some insight on the missing Live Prodigio Button.

Here is the answer we got about yesterdays on and off again of the Prodigio showing up in some peoples live TOS accounts.
Having it on your LIVE ACCOUNT yesterday was an error. In order to trade Prodigio on your live TD account you will need to ‘opt in’ to the orange account. You will lose some TD features if you elect to do so. By doing so, you will gain the TOS experience but will lose some TD functions.
Please see list below:
·         Command Center 2.0             
·         Strategy Desk
·         Streamer
·         Quote Tracker
·         Advanced Analyzer
·         Any 3rd party API tools
·         No AON, FOK, DNR orders
·         No commission free ETF’s
·         Trade triggers and alerts lost
·         No conditional order on the website
·         No courtesy fill notices
·         No Boxed positions
NOTE: If you want Prodigio Live in your Trading Account, You must 'Opt. In' to what TDA calls the Orange account which includes Prodigio at the expense of some of the other features detailed above.


Reader Comments (1)

So it looks like you can start getting your Live accounts activated, You just need to specify that you want the Orange account.

March 7, 2012 | Registered CommenterProdigio101

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