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New commenting system for the forums

Try our new study and rules commenting system from Disqus.

This powerful commenting system will allow threading, ranking of posts and images in the comments.

If there's not already an open comment window at the bottom press Link and be the first to leave a comment.

with that you will get a Add New Comment window.


By pressing the image button, you can upload an image into your comment from your own hard drive.

you can rank comments with these buttons.

you can set up a profile under the DISQUS button.

Since the DISQUS is a third-party software, there is a separate login process for that.  But if you set up a profile and link it to you your Facebook, twitter or  Google accounts it should take care of that login process for you. 

This should give us a lot more flexibility than what we have had so far.


let me know what you think,  you can leave comments at the bottom LOL :)





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