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Step by Step to get started with tradeMONSTER and Live Trading.

How to get a account at Prodigio and tradeMONSTER and link them together for LIVE Robotic Trading.




Follow the steps below:

NOTE: If you have already completed the Prodigio sign up please proceed to Step 8

Step 1 

Go to

Step 2

Click on the green Sign Up Now button (Sign Up For a Free paperTrading Account) Click here

Step 3 

Complete Prodigio Registration form (page 1 & 2) Click here 

Step 4 

Download the Prodigio platform for either PC (32 or 64 bit) or Mac Click here

Step 5

Open registered Email and click authentication link to confirm registration authentication

Step 6

Click the Prodigio desktop icon to launch login box ( icon is Prodigio with three white gears on top)

Step 7

Login using your new case sensitive Username and Password and click I Agree/Login to launch platform


If you require Prodigio Support, contact us at




Step 8

Open your tradeMONSTER Account Click here

Step 9

Complete your tradeMONSTER Open An Account form Click here

Step 9a

Use the promotional code "Prodigio" on the first page of the registration form to receive your discounted equity flat rate of $4.90 (per trade) exclusively for Prodigio clients.

Step 10

Fund your tradeMONSTER Account Click here

Step 11

Request Auto-Trade service. "Login" to your tradeMONSTER account and click the "Auto-Trade" tab. Next, click the green "Start Process" button, check and then Agree to the terms and conditions Click here

Step 12

Log into your tradeMONSTER account and launch the trading platform. Click here

Step 13

Click on the "sprocket icon" located in the upper right hand corner of the tradeMONSTER trading platform.

Step 14

click on the "Premium Services" button at the bottom of the left column.

Step 15

Click on the "Add" button

Step 16

Scroll down and click on the "Select" button just to the right of Prodigio. Check the I Agree to the terms and conditions box, and then click on the "Save All Changes" button.

Step 17

Request tradeMONSTER-Prodigio account Activation service. Email us your Prodigio user name, tradeMONSTER user name and tradeMONSTER account number. (see sample under "?" button) Click here


NOTE: Activation for your tradeMonster Prodigio account will take 24 - 48 hours. Once your tradeMONSTER Prodigio account is active you can then log into Prodigio and enjoy trading live with tradeMONSTER.

If you require tradeMonster Support, email them at or Call (877) 598 - 3190





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