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Big News! tradeMONSTER Prodigio is Live!

We're excited to announce that the new tradeMONSTER Prodigio platform has been released for Live trading. Prodigio is ready for immediate Live access. We would like to thank all the Prodigio clients who have already activated their new tradeMONSTER Prodigio live accounts and begun trading. We wish everyone continued great trading and an enjoyable unique trading experience.

Are you ready to trade live? This special offer is only available for Prodigio customers using the tradeMONSTER Prodigio open your new account now to take advantage of this incredibly low Stock rate of $4.90 Flat Rate. This is not a promotional rate! This is your long term Stock rate for Prodigio customers using the tradeMONSTER Prodigio platform.

Open and fund a new tradeMONSTER Prodigio account and receive $4.90 Flat Rate, plus tradeMONSTER will offer you up to $250 in rebates for transfer fees imposed by your existing firm. Once the transfer is completed, simply contact tradeMONSTERS's customer service team and provide a copy of your statement showing the transfer fee- they will credit your account (non-retirement accounts) or send you a check (for retirement accounts) to make up for your costs. Transfers can take up to 14 business days so don't delay! 


Existing tradeMONSTER customers can also take advantage of the Prodigio Special Commission by emailing Customer Service and asking to have the Prodigio code applied to your existing brokerage account.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to tradeMONSTER Prodigio! Join us soon and enjoy incredible low rates for Prodigio customers using the tradeMONSTER Prodigio platform.



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