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« Prodigio has been updated to version 5.0.36 | New Getting Started with Prodigio 5.0 Training Manual. »

Prodigio updates to version 5.0.35

Prodigio put out a big update tonight.  

I've been pressing their suport team to get me a list of what all is in the update :)
Here is what I have gotten from them so far (they have been very busy).

Here is a list of what we have been told is in the update.

  • WizardLab Enhancements (under the hood).

  • Cash Balance bug fixes.

  • Import/Export strategies and rules.

  • Improved Trade Orders in StrategyBuilder.

  • Improved Charting performance.

  • Made deployment of strategies faster on the server.

  • Server Calculation engine is faster.

  • Logo Change.



If it has been awhile since you last tried Prodigio you may need to redown load it to get it to run.

You can use the botton below to go to the download page or signup for a new account at ProdigioRTS.





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