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IMPORTANT NEWS! Prodigio and tradeMONSTER Announce Partnership


Get Ready For The New tradeMONSTER Prodigio!


We are excited to announce a new partnership with tradeMONSTER, a top-ranked online broker. The new tradeMONSTER Prodigio platform will be ready for trading this September. But, the only way to take advantage of this powerful, new platform is to have an active account at tradeMONSTER.

This joint venture will benefit both tradeMONSTER and Prodigio active clients

  • tradeMONSTER customers will be granted trading access to the acclaimed tradeMONSTER-Prodigio trading platform.
  • Prodigio users will maintain continued access to the high-performance Prodigio technology platform, fast order routing,
    and competitive pricing, while seamlessly executing trades through tradeMONSTER.

We chose tradeMONSTER for the added value they bring to our current customers. A proven leader in leveraging cutting edge technology, they deliver a amazing trading experience. They are one of the fastest growing online brokers geared toward stock and option traders.

As a way to welcome you to tradeMONSTER, tradeMONSTER has developed an exclusive offer just for Prodigio clients. Open and fund a new tradeMONSTER Prodigio account and enjoy a $4.90 discounted equity commission rate on trades executed through Prodigio! This offer is only available for Prodigio clients—so open your new account now and take advantage of tradeMONSTER's incredibly low equity rate of $4.90.

If you should have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to email or contact our friendly Support team anytime, contact

We’re confident you will love trading with us.




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