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Prodigio's CEO gives us some insights.

I just received a statement from Jim Bell, CEO and Managing Partner for Prodigio.

"The Prodigio devTeam spent the past few months working diligently to improve Prodigio's Order Management System (OMS), Risk Management System (RMS), and Data Management System (DMS).  The many new platform and architectural improvements should greatly benefit Prodigio client's following final completion of the recent release.  Platform improvements are expected to yield a substantially more favorable user experience as a direct result of the delivery of the new extremely low latent very fast data transmission architecture, coupled by many new enhancements to Prodigio's Risk Management and Order Management transmission architecture delivering greater order and risk management accuracy and speed.  While no one is more disappointed than I and our team given some of the residual bugs related to the most recent big release.  The platform is looking better and better day over day due to our follow up continued release updates. We are projecting continued steady improvement progress through this weekend and in to next week as our dev team continues to work near around the clock.  Given the few open issues to resolve, we feel that by mid to late next week almost all outstanding matters should be resolved."  --Jim Bell


Thanks Jim,

I know we are all anxious to be getting back to trading with Prodigio again and seeing great things yet to come.


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