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Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - October 2017


Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - October 2017 

Explore features from our October releases that continue to improve Prodigio's performance.  The details below outline the various system updates by section. 

We are extending our Buy One Get One Free offer through November.  It's our way of being thankful that you are part of the Prodigio family.  
To take advantage of this great offer contact us today or 610-552-0099.

*Offer extended through November; please sign up by 11/30/2017.
Quotes Panel
As a part of our ongoing commitment to improve your auto trading capability, we have made the following enhancements: 
  • Added the ability to edit your customized quote list while it is deployed within an auto trading strategy for a seamless trading experience
    • Now there is no need to undeploy strategies before updating your quotes list
  • General Data Maintenance 
Charts Panel
Improvements have been made to streamline the ability to trade directly from the Charts Panel.  The changes include:
  • Enhanced precision so that active traders can monitor their positions, initiate trades, cancel working orders, and cancel/replace working orders to new price levels by simply pointing, clicking and dragging on the chart.  
  • General Data maintenance 
Order Book Panel
We have enhanced our Order Book panel to make it easier for you to display/view the columns and details that are most relevant to you.  Updates include:
  • The ability to auto adjust column sizes so that more trade information is visible with a simple click of a button
  • You are able to fully customize what columns you want to see
  • General data maintenance
General Enhancements 
We have been at work non-stop to improve your Prodigio experience. Changes include:
  • Updated servers, for quicker straight through processing of trades
As you can see we have implemented some exciting changes over the last month.  Stay tuned for more exciting innovations coming your way.

Contact us today for your free trial at or 610-552-0099. If you are an existing member, please contact us for your buy one get one offer (must sign up by 11/30/2017 to receive BOGO offer).


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