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Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - November 2017 

Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - November 2017 

Explore features from our November releases that continue to improve Prodigio's performance.  The details below outline the various system updates by section. 

Reports Panel
As a part of our ongoing commitment to giving you access to more transaction details, we have updated the Reports Panel including:
  • The ability to export some or all sections within the Reports panel into a CSV/XLSX or TXT file; export will download currently displayed columns, with the following export selections:
    • Account Order History
    • Account Trade History
    • Current Equity Positions
    • Current Option Positions
    • All Positions
    • ALL 
  • Enhancements to the days back feature
  • The ability to customize layout view and save current layout
Portfolio Panel
We continue to make changes to the Portfolio Panel to allow you to have more information at your finger tips.  These upgrades include:
  • The ability to View Trades that make up each position within your portfolio (by using right click)
  • You are able to view the following information under "View Trades":
    • Time of trade
    • Symbol
    • Expiry (Options)
    • Strike Prices (Options)
    • Type
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Mark
    • P/L Open
Charts Panel
Charts have been enhanced to provide better order handling and more descriptive messaging.  The changes include:
  • Added enhancements to modify working orders within the chart area
  • Updated messaging on confirmation windows
    • More accurate messaging on working order cancelation
    • Messaging when modifying orders has been enhanced to include the new order price
Wizard Lab
We continue to enhance our Wizard Lab tool with the following changes:
  • More precicse deployment of your back test strategy with the click of a button
    • Step four of the Wizard Lab process allows one-click strategy deployment
    • Symbol set will be defaulted to the symbol set used in back test
      • Note:The strategy deployed will be in addition to your currently deployed Auto Trading strategies
  • Updated predefined symbol sets 
  • General Data Maintenenece 
General Enhancements 
In addition we have made the following changes to improve your overall trading experience:
  • Continuous updating of servers for quicker straight through processing of trades
  • Connectivity enhancement for live broker connections
  • Improved trade processing/rules engine
  • General data maintenance
As you can see we have implemented some exciting changes over the last month.  Stay tuned for more exciting innovations coming your way.

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