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Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - August 2017

Here are the Release Notes for all of the updates we saw in Aug. 

Prodigio 6.0 Release Notes - August 2017

Explore features from our August updates that have enhanced Prodigio's performance for better trade idea generation. The details below outline the various system updates by section. 

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Options Risk Analytics Panel
The Risk Analytics panel has been enhanced with the following features:
  • Ability to send option orders directly from the simulated trades area
  • When using the new send function, the confirmation panel now provides the ability to keep or remove orders within the simulated trades area via a selection box
    • Simply check the "Remove From Simulated Trades" field to ensure the order no longer appears within the simulated trades area of Risk Analytics after the order is sent
  • Simulated Trades are automatically removed upon option expiry or when deleted by the user
Wizard Lab
We continue to enhance our premier Wizard Lab tool. This month's enhancements focus on improved Back Test features, as well as improved strategy development features.  These changes include:
  • Ability to use a second exit rule when building a strategy (can be used to behave like an OCO order - one cancels other)
  • A new column within the Back Test Results panel allows you to quickly determine when a position was closed by a strategy (Auto Closed), a position drawdown, or a hard drawdown
  • More detailed informational messaging for invalid Back Test inputs
  • Enhanced exporting of Back Test results for easier readability, providing improved formatting within excel 
  • Added the capability to retain trade results when a back test is stopped mid-process 
Order Book
The enhancements to Order Book have been centered around providing you with better informational messaging such as:
  • The status column has been enhanced with improved informational messaging and trade details
  • The strategy column has been updated to indicate the event that triggered that specific trade
    • Strategy Name (or left blank if manual)
    • Position Drawdown
    • Hard Drawdown
  • General data maintenance 
Reports Panel
The Reports panel has been enhanced to offer more descriptive information, as well as improved search functionality.  Enhancements include:
  • Ease of use improvments: date range search, for the Account Order History and Account Trade History sections, can now be triggered with the enter key
  • Updated messaging within status column to give more detailed information on trades
  • General data maintenance 
Order Management
The Order Management section has been modified for better position management control, as well as improved order creation by implementing the following changes:
  • 6-button position management tools have been enhanced by improved interaction with the Portfolio Panel
    • The close position buttons are now enabled and disabled based on position details within the Portfolio Panel
    • Enhanced informational messaging
  • Enhancements to the price lock feature and clear order functions
  • Improvements to the Position Management Target and Stop functions
General Enhancements 
In addition we have made the following changes to improve your overall trading experience:
  • Quicker response time within the Portfolio Panel
  • Improvements to the Account Information panel
  • Optimization of transaction processing for faster order flow
  • Improved issue tracking for customer support
  • General maintenance 
We want to thank you for being a valued member of the Prodigio family. As you can see we have implemented some exciting changes over the last month.  Stay tuned for more exciting innovations coming your way.

Contact us today for your free two week trial at or 610-552-0099


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