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Prodigio has been updated to version 5.0.36

The Prodigio Team put out another update this past weekend.  Here is list of the fixes in this last set of updates.


1.Stabilizes platform connectivity.  The client application is expected to connect faster and with no problems. 
2.Fixes auto trade buying power issue.  The auto trade buying power will be a fixed dollar amount.  The total account buying power will no longer mix its logic with the auto trade buying power.
3.Fixes the WizardLab import/export bug;
4.Fixes the WizardLab rule creation bug when a rule is created from templates;
5.Fixes forming bar calculation for certain studies;
6.Fixes previous close on Quotes for premarket values.
7.Fixes AddToPosition logic in realtime


There is also a new FAQ on the ProdigioRTS site.  (You can also get there from the Lerning Center on the platform)


An interesting tidbit found in the FAQ is this one:

Is Prodigio a brokerage firm? 
No. The Prodigio platform software is meant to provide users with a highly interactive educational and informational subscriber-based service experience. The Prodigio Integrated platform software will soon become available via preferred Prodigio Licensed Executing Broker affiliates (preferred brokers). Expected delivery date late July 2013.. 

Sounds like this will be an interesting month!!!