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What is a SNIP.PS link and can it make me Money?

Some of you have probably noticed that we have been playing around with a new link shortener called SNIP.PS.  If you haven’t then you probably will now that I have pointed it out :-)

You might have even followed a SNIP.PS link to get here.


What is a link shortener?  It is a web service that several companies provide that lets you take a long unsightly web address that might look something like this and easly convert it to something that is shorter and is much easer to use as a link in FaceBook, G+, or Twitter, or anywhere esle you may wish to give out a web link.  Just highlight the original link in the address bar and with a single press of a button you can get something more like  In this case I also added my own label so I would recognize where the link goes, but that is optional.  



Most link shorteners work much the same and are great for blog writers and website content providers not only because of the link shortening but also because of the analytics they can provide as to what links are providing traffic to their web pages.


But SNIP.PS does something really cool and this is something that everyone can proffit from.  You don’t have to even be a blogger or have your own website signup for a SNIP.PS account and you can recieve money for making links to sites and articles and then sharing the links anywhere you would normally giveout links to your freinds and followers.  Now this is not a get rich quick kind of scheme but more like buy an extra cup of coffee every once and awhile type of endeavor.  But it is easy to do and actually kind of fun to build links, get them out there and see how many people actually click on them.


Another thing that is interesting is that they also added a multi-marketing layer into the mix so that if you get people to sign up for SNIP.PS through your referal links then you start recieving a 20% referall fee from their links too.  So for every dollar they make you also make 20 cents.  That could actually make this start to add up once you get a few people working under your referrals.  (Note: That 20% does not come out of the referrees pocket, it is directly from SNIP.PS for getting people to sign up).


So if you are interested in getting started here is my referal link

Signup and then get your kids or that family member that keeps your facebook page clogged signed up under you and you might get a whole new outlook on your congested feeds. Even maybe make them a bit more fun again!  ;-)