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WizTools are sub-rules used to help make a strategy within a Master Rule.

In this section we are presenting a number of Trigger rules and Filter rules for sale.  You can purchase these rules and use them to make a strategy or look though them for ideas to build on your own.

(These WizTools are free to Subcribers inthe Wizard Rules)


Trailing Stops, Roll your own! Part 3

Buy the articles and download the .wiz files that were developed in Trailing Stops, Roll your own! Part 3.  This article futher explores Trailing Stops and how to make their trailing buffer more dynamic with ATR or Standard Deviations.


After you make the purches at PayPal you will be returned to a page where you can download both the PDFs and the files. 

Be sure and download all of the files before moving off of that page.


Controls the width of the trailing stop by measuring the Average True Range of the stock.


Controls the width of the trailing stop by using the Standard Deviation of the stock.